High Density Optical Interconnect solutions


Kal Shastri
Kal is Founder/CEO of Aayuna Inc. a company focused on optical interconnects.
Kal worked at AT&T Bell Laboratory from 1985 to 1996. He worked on the physical layer circuits for optical communication systems, micro-controller and MARS (Micro-programmable Accelerator for Rapid Simulations) system.
1997-2000, Founder/CEO/CTO AANetcom – first company to identify and solve high speed interconnect problem by designing and commercializing multiple channel CMOS Serdes. AANetcom was acquired by PMC-Sierra in March, 2000.
2002-2006, Founder/CEO, 2006-2012 CTO Lightwire –  first company to identify and solve high speed optical interconnects, using CMOS Photonics. Lightwire was acquired by Cisco in March, 2012. Kal continued as a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, until April, 2016.
Kal holds 54 granted US patents.
Kal received Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University in 1985 & Masters in Physics from IIT, Kanpur, India in 1976.


A stealth mode start-up based in Allentown, PA founded in 2016, by industry veterans who have a track record of providing interconnect solutions ahead of competition



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